Kanivore Skin and Coat Booster

  • Improves skin and coat,making it soft & shiny
  • Less shedding
  • Increase Appetite
  • Reduce inflammation that can lead to conditions such as arthritis.
  • Helps prevent skin allergies.
  • Helps with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Regulates the immune system.
  • Calming overactive immune system for dogs with allergies or autoimmune diseases.
  • Aiding in mental development of puppies
  • Improves cognitive function in older dogs.
  • Lowers blood pressure and triglycerides.
  • Provides support for dogs with kidney disease.
  • Fights heart disease. •Preventive against cancer.
  • Helps in producing more collagen.
  • Useful in the treatment of kidney problems (frequent urination, loss of appetite)
  • Stronger joints

Kanivore 250ml

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